Travel - Booking Terms.


1.1.These are the legal terms and conditions (the “Terms”) which apply to yourBooking with Go Zero Limited, a company registered in England with registered office at The Stables, Moneys Farm, Bottle Lane, Mattingley, Hampshire, RG278LJ, with company number 10627533.

1.2.Please read these Terms carefully and make sure that you understand them before booking any Go Zero journeys.

1.3.When certain words and phrases are capitalised in these Terms, they are defined terms with the meaning given in section 14 below.

1.4.In these Terms, when we refer to “Go Zero” or to “we”, “us” or “our”, we meanGo Zero Limited and, in relation to your journey, the Go Zero described in section 2 below. When we refer to “you” or “your”, we mean you as the Passenger or the Booker on a Booking.

1.5.If a particular term in these Terms is invalid or inconsistent with anyApplicable Law, the Applicable Law will apply, but the other terms will remain valid.

1.6.Travelling with Go Zero

1.6.1.When you book a journey with us, your Booking and contract is with Go ZeroLimited. The service will be provided by a Go Zero franchisee or if not available a third-party supplier; All journeys are governed by these Terms.


2.1.Making a Booking

2.2.All Bookings must be made by someone over the age of 18.

2.3.Journeys can be booked directly with us our app, email or by phoning ourCustomer Services.

2.4.When a Booking is confirmed

2.4.1.When you complete the order process with us, it is treated as an offer to contract with us. The offer is only accepted by us, and a contract formed, when we generate a Booking Reference in our systems. If you try to book but for any reason this fails and does not generate a Booking Reference, you will not have a valid Booking with us.

2.4.2.Your Booking Reference will be displayed on your Booking Confirmation. Please check all the details carefully. You should contact us if anything is incorrect.

2.4.3.If you think you have made a Booking but have not received a Booking Reference or Booking Confirmation, please contact us.

2.5.Cancellations of Bookings for certain behaviours

2.5.1.We reserve the right to cancel your journey or Bookings connected to you, deny you or take other action to protect us and our systems, with or without prior notice to you, if:

2.5.2.the cardholder did not authorise or disputes the authorisation of the payment and/or claims that the Booking is fraudulent; have not paid (or the Booker has not paid on your behalf) the appropriate fares or any other outstanding charges related to your Booking;

2.5.4.we reasonably suspect that the Booking, or any information provided in relation to the Booking (whether provided by the cardholder, the Booker or a Passenger)is fraudulent, deceptive or inaccurate; and/or

2.5.5.we reasonably suspect that the cardholder, Booker or any Passenger on theBooking, is connected to any other fraudulent activity.

2.6.Fares, taxes, currency and payment

2.6.1.Fares are for your specific journeys only. Our fares cover your road transport from pickup address to destination address and do not any other extras, unless stated otherwise.

2.6.2.Fares exclude VAT. VAT will be added where applicable.


2.7.1.Our fares are payable in the currency shown at the time of Booking. If you add any extras (such as refreshments) or make changes online or by phone, we will charge you fees in the same currency as your original Booking. 


2.8.1.Unless we tell you otherwise, the Booker must pay in full at the time of making your Booking.

2.8.2.Payment methods may differ depending on the Website, App or sales channel you are using.

2.8.3.Your bank or card issuer may charge you foreign currency or other transaction fees. We are not responsible for these fees.

2.8.4.We may process your payment otherwise than in real time. If payment fails or is reversed for any reason after you have made a Booking, we may need to contact the Booker to request that payment is completed. If we do not receive payment in full either within 24 hours of booking we will cancel your Booking.

2.9.Rewards Credit

2.8.1.For every 1,000 miles covered / driven in our service we will add £100 worth of credit to your account.

2.8.2.The credit cannot be redeemed for real money or used in any other offer, service or product with go zero.

2.8.3.The credit will be added to your account for use only via our travelApp. To use the credit, your booking must be made through our travel App.

3.Booking Amendments & Cancellations.

3.1.Pre-Book Ticket

3.1.1.Unlimited Booking amendments / changes can be made up to 30 mins before travel with full refund.

3.2.Ride Now On Demand Booking

3.2.1All tickets booked are non-refundable

4.Method of refund

4.1We will only pay refunds to the Booker using the original payment method. If the original payment method is no longer available, we will refund to an alternative payment method in the Booker’s name. If you have booked through anAgent, they will be responsible for passing on any refund to you. We are not responsible for any fees the Agent may apply for processing the refund.

4.2A refund made to someone presenting themselves to us as the Booker using the necessary Booking and security details, and who we reasonably believe is theBooker, will be deemed a proper refund and we will not process any further claim for a refund by the Booker or any other Passenger on the Booking.

4.3Refunds will normally be made in the original currency in which the Booking was made.

5.Travelling with Children and Infants

5.1.1.For the purposes of these Terms, an “Infant” is a child under the age of two years old on the date of the journey and a “Child” is a child over the age of two years old and under the age of 16 years old on the date of the journey.

5.1.2.We only carry Infants or Children if they are travelling with an AccompanyingAdult, who must be on the same Booking as the Infant or Child.

5.1.3. For safety and operational reasons, where possible, car seats will be provided.

5.1.4.If you are travelling with an Infant or Child, you must always take full responsibility for them throughout your journey. You must ensure that they are adequately and securely seated. 

6.Early arrival of the Aircraft

6.1.Aircraft landing early – we will review and reschedule you booking on a best effort basis.

6.2.Where the aircraft lands early and we cannot reschedule you, your existing booking time will remain unchanged.

7.Late arrival of the Aircraft

7.1.Late arrival of flights has an obvious effect on our business, our schedule and other customers bookings.

7.2.If your flight is delayed by more than 15 minutes we will review and reschedule your booking on a best effort basis.  

7.3.Where we cannot reschedule you, we will book a third-party supplier to your original booked destination. go zero will cover this cost.

8.Passengers requiring special assistance

8.1.Specific requirements

8.2.If you have special assistance requirements in relation to a disability or a medical condition, please add any requests at the time of making your Booking.Please make sure you let us know your requirements at least 48 hours before the scheduled pickup time. 

9.Right to refuse carriage

9.1.We may refuse to carry you and/or your Baggage, or remove you from a journey, without any liability on our part, if: are drunk you or your Baggage may put the safety of the car and driver or the health or safety of any person in the car in danger or at risk;

9.3.or under the influence of alcohol or drugs; are, or there is good reason to believe you are, in unlawful possession of drugs;

9.5.your mental or physical state is a danger or risk to yourself, the car and driver or any other person in it; have caused harm to, injured, or used threatening, abusive, insulting, obscene or lewd language or behaviour towards the driver.

9.7.we may cancel any subsequent journeys contained in your Booking (and no refunds will be paid in such circumstances); and we may cancel any existing Bookings and/or refuse to accept future Bookings for you for such length of time as we deem appropriate with regard to the circumstances.

10.Damage to Baggage

10.1.We are not liable for any damage to your Baggage except to the extent the damage resulted from our fault.

10.2.In respect of Baggage, we shall be liable to you for its destruction, loss or damage during the time it was in our charge and to the extent that damage did not result from the inherent defect, quality or vice of the Baggage.

10.3.We shall not be liable to you for damage due to over-packing or for normal wear and tear of Baggage such as small scratches, scuffs, dents and cuts, or other damage which does not prevent you from using the Baggage.

11.Travel Insurance and Insolvency Protection

11.1.Because our liability is limited, you should always ensure you have adequate insurance cover for your entire travel, including to cover the value of yourBaggage and its contents and any medical risks. 

12.Data Protection

12.1.We control the ways and the purposes for which your personal data is processed by us and we are the “controller” for the purposes of the data protection laws that apply to us, including EU Regulation 2016/679 (General Data ProtectionRegulation or GDPR).

12.2.We process your personal data in accordance with our Privacy Policy. For more information on the personal data that we collect about you, how we protect it,how and why we process it, who we disclose it to and what your data protection rights are, see our full Privacy Policy.

12.3.Please ensure that the contact details of the Booker and any Passengers provided to us are correct and update them us immediately if they change. You can do this via contacting our customer services team.

13.Choice of Law and Jurisdiction

13.1.Unless otherwise provided by Applicable Law (including, where applicable, theConventions and Regulation EU261):

13.2.these Terms and all services provided by us to you pursuant to these Terms, including in respect of yourself and/or your Baggage, shall be governed by the laws of England and Wales; can bring proceedings in the English courts, which shall have non-exclusive jurisdiction in relation to any dispute (contractual or non-contractual)arising out of or in connection with this Agreement including any question regarding its existence, validity or termination;

13.4.if you are a consumer resident in another member state of the European Union, you may also be able to bring proceedings in the courts of the member state in which you are resident; and

13.5.if you are a consumer resident in Switzerland, you may be able to bring proceedings in the canton in which you are resident.


14.1.The following terms shall have the following meanings when used in these Terms:

14.2.“Accompanying Adult” means an adult Passenger of at least 18 years of age whois on the same Booking as an Infant or Child and accompanies them in the car;

14.3.“Additional Services” means services we offer other than our car service;

14.4.“App” means the Go Zero mobile applications connected to the Website and operated by or for Go Zero where Bookings can be made;

14.6.“Applicable Law” means all laws, statutes, regulations, bye-laws, mandatory codes of conduct and mandatory guidelines, including the Convention, applicable to the Booking, your travel with us and any other services we provide to you under these Terms;

14.7.“Baggage” means your personal property accompanying you on your trip, includingCabin Baggage and Hold Baggage;

14.8.“Booking” means a booking for one or more Go Zero journeys (with any AdditionalServices if applicable) which is accepted by us in accordance with section 2;

14.9.“Booking Reference” means the alphanumeric locator we issue to the Booker to confirm and identify each Booking;

14.10.“Booker” means an adult of at least 18 years of age who makes a Booking on behalf of all Passengers in that Booking;

14.11.“Booking Confirmation” means the confirmation from Go Zero to the Booker which includes your Booking Reference and sets out the details of your Booking and any special terms and conditions applicable to your Booking;

14.12.“Cabin Baggage” means any Baggage you take with you  (including items such as handbags, briefcases and laptop bags) and which is not Hold Baggage (if we check any of your Baggage into the aircraft hold at check-in or at the gate, it becomes Hold Baggage);

14.13.“Child” has the meaning given to it in section 5;

14.14.“Customer Services Team” means Go Zero’s customer services phone team.

14.15.“Government Tax” means VAT in the United Kingdom and/or equivalent passenger tax levied by government in certain jurisdictions which we are obliged to payon your behalf in respect of your journey.

14.16.“Hold Baggage” means Baggage of which we take custody for stowage in the aircraft hold.

14.17.“Infant” has the meaning given to it in section 5;

14.18.“Passenger(s)” means any person or persons on a Booking carried or to be carried in a Go Zero service.

14.19.“Website ” means or other website where Bookings can be made.

Last updated: January 2021